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Unit Size: 5x12Not Climate Controlled
Location: NY
Cleanout Time: 48 Hrs
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Tags: baby stroller, Books, clothes, Dresser, Futon, Luggage, Microwave, Sheets

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U-Haul Moving and Storage of Hempstead Auction Terms

1. Scope of Sale U-Haul of Long Island, its subsidiaries, employees, affiliates, and agents conduct this auction pursuant to New York State Lien Law Section 182. U-Haul does not sell as part of the auction, firearms and ammunition alcoholic beverages, toxic materials, including gas and kerosene explosives, including fireworks, prescription drugs or samples of prescription drugs personal items and other items of sentimental value, including but not limited to birth, death or marriage certificates, last wills and testaments, wedding or family photographs, diaries, or the like any items, the possession of which is contrary to law items which are subject to a trademark counterfeit property and items containing personally identifiable information such as medical records, legal records, mortgage records, and records containing social security numbers, dates of birth, financial information, access codes, and bank information. Buyer agrees that should it be determined or discovered after the sale, that items of the like and kind described above or items containing personally identifiable information were sold in auction, buyer will immediately return said item(s) to U-Haul. Under no circumstances may the buyer sell, distribute, publish, give away, discard, or disseminate, in any respect, said item(s) or any personally identifiable information that may be contained in items that were sold in the sale. Any items of a dangerous or illegal nature shall immediately be turned over to law enforcement authorities. Buyer acknowledges that U-Haul Co. of Long Island may recall the sale at any time. Should the sale be recalled, buyer agrees to promptly return the property in buyers possession in exchange for return of the money paid at auction for the property. Buyer agrees that any damages suffered for a recalled sale shall be limited to the amount paid at auction for the goods. U-Haul Co. of Long Island will endeavor to hold and keep confident the identity of the Buyer. However, it may be necessary for U-Haul Co. of Long Island to disclose the identity and contact information of the Buyer in conjunction with a claim, lawsuit, or legal proceeding relating to the auction or for some other compelling and necessary reason. Prior to disclosing the identify and contact information of buyer, U-Haul Co. of Long Island will take reasonable efforts to advise buyer that Buyers name and contact information is to be disclosed to a third party. (A properly addressed letter to the address indicated on the Auction Sign-In Sheet signed by Buyer shall constitute a reasonable effort.) By participating in the auction, Buyer consents to the disclosure of Buyers name and contact information under the circumstances described above. 2. Sale Particulars The auction time is approximate. However, every effort will be made to maintain the published times. Buyer is bidding on all items in the unit. All purchased items must be removed from the unit within a reasonable time after the sale but, in no event, take more than 72 hours after the sale is complete. Should Buyer be unable to remove the item(s) within 72 hours after the sale, or wish to keep the item(s) in a unit or at the facility for more than 72 hours after the sale, Buyer will be required to execute an occupancy agreement to rent a unit different than the unit he/she has purchased to store the remaining items and pay the required rent. The successful winner of the unit (referred to herein as Buyer) must go to the management office and pay for the purchased unit(s) in cash or credit card. No checks will be accepted. If Buyer is unable to make full payment of the auction price, the sale of that unit or units will be declared void and the unit or units will be given to the next highest bidder at U-Haul Co. of Long Islands discretion. Buyer must bring a current sales tax certificate to U-Haul Co. of Long Island or Buyer will be charged sales tax. U-Haul Co. of Long Island reserves the right to cancel any bids considered unreasonable. Buyer will be charged a $200 cleaning deposit. Buyer may not use the dumpsters at the storage facility, nor leave anything on the property or in the halls of the facility. Buyer must make sure that the unit is totally cleaned out for buyers deposit to be refunded. Buyer acknowledges that if he/she does not remove all items purchased on or before the 72 hours following the sale, he/she will: 1. Forfeit the $200 cleaning deposit 2. No longer have a claim on any items left behind in any and all purchased unit(s) 3. Risk being banned from future U-Haul Co. of Long Island auctions. 3. Warranties and Guarantees U-Haul Co. of Long Island sells the item(s) of the unit as is, where is, and with no refunds. U-Haul Co. of Long Island makes no representations as to when or where the contents of the storage unit originated. Subject to errors or omissions and to any undisclosed liens, no warranties and/or guarantees are expressed or implied, including merchandise descriptions. Buyer must inspect each lot and bid according to their own judgment and within the restrictions provided for this agreement. 4. Indemnification To the extent permitted by law, Buyer will indemnify U-Haul Co. of Long Island against any loss, liability, claim, expense (including attorneys fees), damage to property or injury to person arising from any act or omission of Buyer, Buyers agents, servants, contractors or invitees, except those caused by U-Haul Co. of Long Islands own negligence. 5. Duty of Care Persons in attendance during the removal of merchandise shall exercise proper precautions at all times for the protection of persons and property, and shall comply with all safety and health requirements as directed by U-Haul Co. of Long Island and local, state, and federal regulations. 6. U-Haul Co. of Long Islands Rules and Regulations These auction terms and conditions incorporate by reference U-Haul Co. of Long Islands rules and regulations. The terms and regulations can be found at the management office. To the extent a rule or regulation conflicts with a term or condition of this agreement, the term or condition of this agreement controls. U-Haul Co. of Long Island reserves the right to change, amend or modify this agreement by written form at any time prior to the auction. 7. Validity of Agreement This agreement is governed by New York law. If any part of this agreement is declared invalid, the rest of the agreement shall remain in effect. Any action or proceeding concerning the validity or enforceability of this agreement shall be brought in New York County. By bidding on a unit, you (referred to herein as Buyer), acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to participate in the auction of the above-referenced self-storage facility subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and to be bound by the conditions and terms of the agreement.

Notice to Bidders

Lien laws must always be followed. The Storage Facility (U-Haul Moving and Storage of Hempstead) reserves all rights to cancel or postpone auctions at any point.

All bids on the site are in $10 increments.

There is a $10 minimum or 15% auction fee (whichever is greater) for every unit won in addition to the unit sale price.

Upon winning an auction you will be automatically charged the auction fee along with 10% of the unit sale price.

Once the initial payment is collected you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance to be paid directly to the facility. You must have an invoice in order to access the unit.

Buyers must follow the facility’s auction terms. Auction terms are not created by does not allow last second bids to win. Bidding in the last two minutes will reset the time clock to 2 minutes, then an additional bid(s) will reset the 2-minute timer.

All sales are final and considered “as is.” Bids are considered a contractual agreement that must be fulfilled.

Units must be completely cleaned out and all trash must be removed from premises. No dumpsters privileges unless location specified.

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