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03/13/2018 09:11 PM EST

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Unit Size: 10 x 10
Location: GA
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Unit Contents

This unit appears to contain…Rolling Cloth Closet, Kids Car, Table, Bed Rails, TV, Lamp, Metal Chairs, Glass Table W/ Top, Mattresses.

A 85 Riverdale Storage Auction Terms

25.00 Cash Deposit on All Units Purchased If you purchase multiple units deposits will be refunded after ALL units are Cleaned Out. You have 72 Hours to Pay for and Clean out Unit to Broom Swept Condition. No Dumpster Use on site. Cash Only. Buyers will have access to facility only during normal Business Hours, Monday thru Friday 9:30 to 5:00 and Saturday 9:30 to 3:00 Closed on Sunday. You will not receive a Gate Code. Until the Winning Bidder pays for the unit in Full, the Auction may be cancelled. Payments by the Tenant to cure the lien will cancel the sale.

Notice to Bidders

The States Lien law process must be followed at all times and will govern how processes will function. The Storage Facilitate (A 85 Riverdale Storage), at its own discretion, reserves all rights to cancel, or postpone auctions during any point of the auction event up to the last minutes. Until the winning bidder pays for the unit in full, the Auction may be canceled. Payments by the tenant to the storage facility to cure the lien will cancel the sale. These decisions will be made final by the management of the storage facility hosting the Auction and are not made by The number of days bidding is allowed is determined by the hosting facility’s rules. The closing time for unit sale is set by the facility management but the time may be extended by last minute bidding. We, at do not allow sniping or last second bids to win. Bids received in the last minute will extend the time by 3 additional minutes until the person willing to bid the highest amount wins the unit.
As with all Storage unit auctions, all sales are “As is Where is”.
As with all auctions, bids made are a contractual agreement between buyer and seller and are considered a contractual agreement that must be fulfilled.
Units must be completely cleaned out, broom swept, and all trash must be removed from premises ( no using dumpsters).

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