Frequently Asked Questions

The convenience of the internet is spreading to storage auctions. Our online auctions provide bidders and sellers with benefits, including no traffic or crowds, no traveling or need to carry cash, no time away from selling your merchandise, time to look through the pictures and make your decision, and the ability to attend multiple auctions at once. You are able to bid from the comfort of your home or on a mobile device.

General questions

A Seller will create an Auction event that will include 1 or more units, A scheduled end date, upload photos then publish the Auction. Once the auction is published, bidders can bid on the auction once they have created their account and added their billing information. Once the auction clock ends, the highest bidder wins. is the a robust online auctioneer for abandoned property auctions. Find the best storage unit auctions as a bidder and reach a faithful audience of bidders as a seller.
Head over to the Find Auctions page and enter in your zipcode and radius you wish to search. Any active auctions within your search will appear.
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The account set up is simple, fill out the registration form, confirm your email, then before placing a bid, you will put in your credit card information.
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Please check your local and state laws for selling abandoned property.
Once you have registered and verified your account, you go to the Login page and enter in your email and password.
To reset your password, use the Forgot Password page to reset your password. You will be asked to enter your email and a password reset link will be sent to your email address. recommends using Windows 8 and MacOS 10 or newer versions as your main operating system. We also recommend using Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, or Mac Safari as your internet browser.

Sellers is an online platform designed to allow storage facility owners and managers to host online auctions in an effort to recover lost revenue accumulated through past due rents and late fees. These auctions are to adhere to appropriate state lien laws. does not offer seller services to private sellers, including tenants, private individuals, estate sales, thrift stores, insurance companies, or any similar entities. Any auction listed by a private seller without the direct approval of will result in account termination and auction cancellation at the expense of the private seller.
Each state has different requirements to legally host an auctions. To learn about specific lien procedures, please check your local state lien laws. For any further legal advice, please contact your local Self Storage Association. asks that all auctions are launched live to our website 10-14 days prior to the legal sale date specified in the legal lien letters and/or newspaper ad(s). This timeframe will allow for full marketing campaign success. Please note, any auction launched with fewer than 10-14 days prior to the sale may result in lower than normal bidder view count and bid prices.
The total auction price minus (-) 10%. A 10% deposit is charged to the bidder/buyer and that amount is deducted from the total amount payable to the seller.


As a seller, is free to use for the most part. The only time a seller is ever charged by Storage Auctions is in the event of a canceled auction. There are membership plans available that will help reduce the fee from canceling a unit if you anticipate having multiple cancellations. Cancellation fees for a free membership are $20.00 per unit canceled. See membership plans for reduced rates.

Free Membership Features:

  • List your locations in the location directory, advertise on social media
  • Post Notifications about offline auctions you will be hosting at your location
  • List Online Auctions for free* $20.00 early cancellation fee
  • Manage Multiple locations, managers
  • Get rewards, Earn cool Stuff
At the time an auction is created, owners or managers will be able to specify the acceptable payment methods including cash, check, or credit/debit cards. The allowed payment method will be specified on the invoice generated for the buyer as well as for the seller.
The prerequisits to creating an auction are:
  • Register an account
  • Activate your account
  • Add a Location This is where the auction items are located. You can manage multiple locations
  • Optional - Add a manager: If each location has its's own manager, they can be added to each location and given access to your Storage auctions account based on their locations.
  • Add a payment method - If you have already purchased a membership plan, this step is complete. If you are using the system as a default free user, you will have to add your credit card before your are able to launch an auction. You will not be charged to launch an auction, only if you have to cancel a unit. The default cancelation fee is $20.00/unit.
The steps involved in this process are really simple once your account is set up. All you need to do is:
  • Go to the Auctions Tab
  • Click Add an Auction Event
  • Fill out the Add an Auction event form If you have skipped a prerequisit step you will not be able to add an auction until that step is completed.
  • (Save) or Launch - An auction can be saved as a draft if you need to pause and come back to adding the auction event or if you want to load all the required information in and have another manager/account owner approve the auction event before laucnhing.
  • Save or (Launch) - Lauching an auction makes it a live event. If you have selected a start date in the future the event will automatically launch once the start date arrives. If you select to launch it now, your listings will be immediately visible in the listing directory. Once listed, cancellation fees apply for units that have been canceled.
We have a system to allow your store managers to help assist in creating auctions for you. As an account owner, you can add as many managers to your account as you would like. These managers may be given permissions, including but not limited to, creating an auction event, cancel units, handle invoices, and more. All privileges can be assigned when adding a manager to your account by accessing the "Managers" tab. A manager is an additional user that can be added to a seller account. Managers can be set up to have access to only certain parts of your StoreageAuctions account. They can also be granted access to specific locations only within your account. When Launching an Auction Event, a manager that is assigned to the location for the event can be selected to recieve all the questions and auction notifications.
Click on your Locations Tab and edit a location.
Navigate to the Manager tab. Here you can link an existing manager or add a new one and give them access to a specific location.
A legal notice is a similar to what would be posted in a news paper to inform the public that an abandoned property is going to be auctioned off in an attempt to recorver the loss for storing it. Some states may allow sellers to post a legal notice online, check your state laws.
This is a great way for buyers to be able to add your facility to their "Favorite Seller List". To add your company's location to the directory, login to your seller account and click the tab labeled "Locations" in the left-hand action bar. Find the location you would like to add to the directory, then click the black button labeled "More Actions" the click "View/Edit". Next, select the checkbox labeled "List this Location in the Directory". Once you have checked this checkbox be sure to save this information by clicking the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen. Do not forget to add all of your locations to the directory. Please note, all listings are subject to approval and may be removed at any time if there is a violation of the Terms of Service.
As soon as you login to your account you will see two reports represented in graph form. The first graph will show the number of units and events created. The second graph will show the revenue generated by month for the entirety of your account. Additional reporting tools may be found by clicking the "Reports" tab located on the left-hand action bar. By taking full advantage of our reporting tools system, as an owner, you can see all auctions listed by location, revenue generated per auction event, as well as the loss recovery margin for each auctioned unit.
Go to the Billing section in your navigation and Click on Add a new card.


Prerequisite: You have to create a StorageAuctions® Buyer Account and fill out your

Step 1 - Find an Auction you wan to bid on

Step 2a - Place a Direct Bid

Step 2b - Place a

Step 3 - Check back to make sure you are winning.

A proxy bid is a bid robot that you can utilize to place bids for you. Creating a Proxy bid will allow you to outbid anyone automatically by outbidding bids by $10.00 until the current bid is higher than your proxy bid.

Example: You Placed a Proxy Bid Placed of $200.00

Bid Bidder Amount
1 Bidder Bob $10.00
2 You (Proxy) $20.00
3 Bidder Bob $30.00
4 You (Proxy) $40.00
5 Bidder Sally $50.00
6 You (Proxy) $60.00
5 Bidder Bob $70.00
8 You (Proxy) $80.00

If no one else bids on the auction, you will win and the max bid will be $80.00.

If a bid is placed for greater than your proxy bid ($200.00), you will be alerted by email that you have been outbid and will have to log back into the system to continue bidding on this unit.
Bid Bidder Amount
1 Bidder Bob $10.00
2 You (Proxy) $20.00
3 Bidder Bob $30.00
4 You (Proxy) $40.00
5 Bidder Sally $50.00
6 You (Proxy) $60.00
5 Bidder Bob $70.00
8 You (Proxy) $80.00
9 Bidder Bob $90.00
10 You (Proxy) $100.00
11 Bidder George $120.00
12 You (Proxy) $130.00
13 Bidder Sally $160.00
14 You (Proxy) $170.00
15 Bidder Bob $190.00
8 You (Proxy) $200.00
15 Bidder Bob $210.00
Go to the Billing section in your navigation and Click on Add a new card.
There Are 2 places where you can check the status of your bids:

1. Under My Auctions in My account

2. Directly inside an Auction you will see If you have been outbid or are winning

Click on the my Auctions Tab and the auctions you have been watching and bidding on will show up. Units highlighted in yellow are units you are watching, Units highlighted in Red are units you have been outbid on, units highlighted in green are units you are winning.
It depends on the state you are in. Every state has different rules regarding the taxation of auctions. However, the answer is most likely YES. You should always check with the storage facility if you are not sure.
This means that the storage facility cancelled the unit from the auction. This is most likely because the delinquent tenant paid their bill. If an auction you are watching or you have placed a bid on is cancelled, it will say “Cancelled”.
A cleaning deposit is a deposit collected by the facility when you come to pay for your unit. The cleaning deposit usually ranges from $25-$200 and will need to be paid in cash. The deposit will be returned to you once you have the unit cleaned to a swept condition.
If a bid is placed, the bidder is committing to purchase any unit that they hold the highest bid on, this is why a credit card is required before placing a bid. Once an auction a bidder is winning has ended and the bidder has been declared the winner, they will be charged a bidder fee in % of total sale price (rate is variable based on membership type) and a 10% deposit. An invoice with Storage Facility location and total amount owed to the Storage Facility will be sent to the bidders email.

The fees to Storage Auctions are not the total payment for the storage auction. A sample of fees is outlined below:

Auction final price at closing: $100.00
15% Bidder Fee (Free Membership) $15.00
10% Deposit Fee (Free Membership) $10.00
Total being charged to bidder Credit Card (Free Membership) $25.00
Total due at storage facility $90.00
Final Price
- Deposit Fee